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Privacy Policy

As part of the use and operation of the site, we may collect personal data.


You are likely to communicate your personal data to us by various means and in particular on our website:  

- when browsing the internet,

- by completing the various collection forms,

- when subscribing to the e-newsletter,

- when you post comments on our social media pages,

- when you establish any contact with the Association Musées en Centre-Val de Loire or when you send us your personal data in any other way.


These data are strictly confidential and their use is strictly reserved for the association Museums in Centre-Val de Loire. 

These data are collected by the Association Musées en Center Val de Loire, whose head office is located at 1 Rue Fernand Rabier, 45000, Orléans France.


For any request, you can write to us at the following email addresses: -


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