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History of art

History of the Arts: online resources for teaching

Welcome to the portal dedicated to museum collections, their study and online documentary resources!

You will find on this database dedicated to the museums of the Center region:
- an inventory of the online collections and news from the database via the Home section
- thematic tours through the collections via the Virtual exhibitions section
- educational resources via the History of the Arts section
- a search engine to access the works via the Quick search and Multi-criteria search sections 

The teaching of the History of the Arts is compulsory for all pupils in primary school, middle school and high school (general, technological and vocational tracks). It is an education based on a multidisciplinary approach to works of art that allows students to master the historical and cultural landmarks essential to understanding the works and enriching their artistic practice.

This course aims to provide all students with:

- opportunities to discover directly and personally reference works from different artistic fields, from different eras and civilizations
- the ability to pose on these works, thanks to the familiarity acquired with them, a more informed and more sensitive look
- the possibility of thus acquiring a personal culture of universal value.
- the means of obtaining information on professions related to the fields of arts and culture

The Centre's museums offer teachers suitable activities within their establishments and a selection of articulated works according to the official program for the teaching of the History of the Arts.

For any information, you can contact:

- Véronique de Montchalin, Professor assigned to the Drac Center by the Rectorate of Orléans-Tours:
- Mathilde Rétif, Project Manager Museums in Centre-Val de Loire:

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